Monday, 9 March 2015

Welcome to theONE6

So a new school year is upon us!

Welcome to all of you in theONE6 for 2015. This is our class blog where you will each have an individual blog to share your learning and reflections and anything else you would like our global community to read! 

Your posts are always 'submitted for approval' before they appear on your blog as are any replies or comments you are making on other classmates blog posts. This is one way to ensure our blog does not have anything inappropriate and silly on it. You will be taught the correct way to structure a blog reply/comment so you should always practice this. When you reply/comment correctly you will attract visitors to your blog and from this you form connections.

 Your first individual blog challenge is to select a theme for your blog and complete an 'introduction' about yourself so your readers get to know you.

Later you can investigate how to insert an image, add tags, and keep posts in folders for good management. 

We look forward to reading what you share and hope you enjoy creating an individual blog of your learning and reflections. Make sure you share your blog with your family and encourage them to reply/comment (you can teach them the correct way!).

 Ms T &  Mrs T.

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