Friday, 1 April 2016

The Balloon Bursts

I know I have written a few posts about #NZreadaloud4JWM but it is a major part of our programme this Term.

We have just read this week probably one of the most emotionally charged chapters in the whole book called "The Balloon Bursts".

As I was reading (although when I watch the video it seems I am yelling!) my kids decided they wanted to 'act the scene out'. So one got hold of the iPad while some volunteers 'got into character'.

What resulted was an intense, emotionally-charged scene (although our actors couldn't help laughing and smiling as they did it) but the vibe was still there.

It was an interesting exercise to listen back on myself it is definitely something I am not comfortable with - listening to myself like this! I always think though, if we do not 'get into the character' while we read then we will lose some of our audience. I think I definitely got into character here! 

Enjoy this few minutes of video ...