Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Mystery Hangout

It is always an exciting time. Connecting globally with other classes around the world. I often think and say to my colleagues how much more engaging and fun my school days would have been if we had been able to do this. 

So today we did another mystery hangout ... with a teacher who had tweeted this out the other night ... 

Once again, I can share the value of Twitter ... those who still consider it to be just social media filled with gossip ... I can tell you this: if you follow the right people (for me it's educators) it can be the best way to make connections and LEARN.

Anyway ... after I saw this I immediately tweeted back and the rest is history. It just involves sorting out the time zone situation and selecting a day / time. So we did ... and today was it:)

ALL theONE6er's involved themselves today ... some more than others but that's ok. Here are some photos of the Hangout and Sophie who took our notes.


Mallory and her class were from Mission Middle School in Escondido, San Diego California. We did not quite get to the end ... but it was fun all the same. 

I would like to thank @Mrs_Resendiz and her kids ... it was a shame that it ended so abruptly but her kids were keen to 'get out' - it was 3pm for them when we finished. Our morning was just kicking off - 10am. 

At the end of the day I had the kids write a reflective tweet ... there were definitely some questions we would have loved to have asked AND some wonderful learning which occurred as you can read in the Storify here: