Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Change FM to GM

Yesterday the students in theONE6 continued with their learning into Growth Mindset and Fixed Mindset.

I wrote on the board a list of FIXED MINDSET statements. I explained their collaborative task this morning was to change these fixed mindset comments into Growth Mindset comments.

First, we discussed whether they themselves had used these statements sometimes or if they had heard others use them. The majority of my students had used one or more of these Fixed Mindset statements in the past. We did the first one together so they knew what to do and then in their groups they discussed alternatives which I then wrote on the board. The students came up with LOTS more than I could fit but here are the BEFORE and AFTER photo with their alternative GROWTH MINDSET statements.

It was a valuable discussion and the students seem to understand what it means to have a Growth Mindset.


This morning I introduced to the students an idea called MYmathsmakerproject.

This is an opportunity for students to use their Maths skills along with their creativity and imagination to plan, design, and make...

come up with an idea of what YOUR ultimate space would be… (this part of the process should include some sketching / drawing of ideas)

What is its purpose?
What will the space be used for?
Who will use it?
What shape would it be?
What would be IN the space? (find pictures and prices of ALL the ‘things’ you will ‘buy’ for your space)
How would it be furnished? (use catalogues to get pictures and prices of the furniture you will include)
How would you set out the things in the space?
What colours would you use?

Here are the 'spaces' they have selected to plan, design, and create!

So let the planning begin!

This project will involve MANY maths concepts such as scale, geometry, measuring, adding costs, working out perimeter, volume...watch this space for updates!


Yesterday I introduced an idea to the class called MYsparkproject. We started off with this beautiful collection of books to SPARK their curiosity!

An idea for the shaping of student-led inquiries.

A concept embedded in the LearningMYway pedagogical framework which emphasises:
  • self-management
  • connected learning
  • reflective learning
  • critical thinking
  • collaboration

A concept which sets time aside for students to:

“design a learning pathway for themselves in which ‘something that sparks them’ is the driver”

A concept focused on ‘personalising’ learning for students by:
  • allowing them to self-direct
  • follow something which ‘sparks’ them
  • design what they will find out, create, produce
  • be responsible for how and what they will learn
  • encouraging goal-setting as they progress
  • guiding them to acquire skills to locate and select appropriate resources
  • helping build a network of peers/experts/teachers to support what they are doing

After students have 'found their spark'...they will slot their word/words into this project title...

“The World we live in has been shaped by...     

Shaping the inquiry this way gives scope for looking into history, present day, and the future.
Watch this space for all updates!