Tuesday, 7 June 2016

More Connected Learning

This morning at 8am we had another Google Hangout. 

This time with Laura's kids in Connecticut, USA. 

Laura has connected with us for #NZreadaloud5Pot - it is the first time we have had a GLOBAL connection for our #NZreadaloud so it is pretty special.

Laura and her kids are almost finishing their year and unfortunately will not finish the book before the year ends. However Laura is recording the last chapters so her kids can listen to it while on holiday if they wish.

Laura had organised this morning's Google Hangout and had her kids stay till 4pm especially for it. We are very lucky to have had this opportunity and her kids did well at the end of a busy day at school! 

The purpose for our Hangout was to share our thoughts, predictions, and ideas about our book we are reading Phantom of Terawhiti. The kids discussed what would happen to Tasha, Zealandia, the Neanderthals, what they thought Crawford's book was going to be about, and what Mikhail Popanov will do if he finds out Tasha is still alive. 

Then the kids talked to each other about other stuff like whether they have a uniform, what they eat for lunch, what they are doing for their holidays, did they know the 'running man', and then of course they all did 'the dab'! It was a great way to start the day!

Thanks Laura for organising this and thank your kids for staying back to talk with us. It was great fun:)

Here are some photos of our Hangout...