Friday, 20 May 2016


I was having a play with Google Drawings this morning.

With the help from one of my PLN I discovered that using Google Drawing I can create something similar to 'Thinglink'. Now I LOVE LOVE LOVE Thinglink as a way for kids to create and share their learning in an interactive way and have been trying to help them learn how to use it.

But having discovered a way to use Google Apps to do the same thing is quite exciting as it means it is much more accessible AND easier!

It has been called GoogLink ... check it out here

So here is a GoogLink I created this morning to share who we are in 


What do you think one6ers? 

I would LOVE you to have an experiment with it ... please make a comment back to me and tell me what you think?

FlashMob Friday!

After a Wonderful Week in theONE6 we finished our Friday with not 1 but 2 Flashmobs. How much fun was this!

Some AWESOME rhythm going on here:)