Monday, 23 November 2015

Constructive feedback

Finally the results of our 

2015 LearningMYway survey

are out!

I have been developing the LearningMYway pedagogy for 3 years. It has been such an amazing ride to be on... every year I carry out surveys mid-year and end of year.

I have learnt HEAPS!

The MOST important thing though is getting that student voice which is SO SO valuable. There are always interesting things which come up during these surveys which IS AWESOME. The kids are expected to be honest and constructive because we WANT to know the things that don't work so we can make changes... we know the things that do work because we see it everyday:)

From this first shot, all responders believe LearningMYway has helped them learn to manage themselves. It is also fairly obvious that all the kids are keen to continue to develop these skills they have learnt this year.

72% (18 out of 25) believe we got to know them as learners pretty well or very well. The 28% (seven out of 25) who are on the fence are the ones I will talk to about their views. We need to fix this!

What is VERY important to know is what the kids find difficult about Learning my way so we know what we can do to help and improve their experience.

The 2 most popular reasons why kids find it difficult were: (surprisingly)

1. "not having my own desk" - ACTION TO TAKE -  Offer a 'desk' to those who want one!

2. "not having enough tasks to get on with." - ACTION -  provide MORE learning experiences for those who don't think they have enough!

The 4 reasons which were the next most popular were: 

1. "difficulty prioritising my tasks" - ACTION -  discuss with these kids the best way to do this, have other kids SHARE how they do this.

2. "making wrong choices about where I sit" - ACTION -  continue to encourage learners to make good choices for THEMSELVES and to be aware when they are getting behind or distracted and that sometimes it might be a good choice to move away from your mates!

3. "not having enough time to complete things" - ACTION - talk with these kids about "home learning" - as we do not have "homework" kids need to REMEMBER if they are getting behind, they can always do this catch-up at home.

4. "other." - ACTION - find out what these 'other' reasons are!

What have the kids enjoyed about LearningMYway in order of popularity:

1. "having some control over what I am doing and when"

2. "being able to learn with my friends"

3. "being able to work at my own pace"

4. "having the use of chromebooks for online learning"

5. "writing some of my own timetable"

6. "connecting and collaborating with classes around the world"

     "not having set homework but rather learning which can be done at home"

     "learning about Growth Mindset and knowing I can get better"

7. "being able to choose where I sit"

     "being able to access my learning when ever I can / where ever I am"

     "using blogs"

8. "using Google Classroom"

9. "using online tools to create and present work"

10. "learning how to learn on my own sometimes"

      "having to use my initiative and solving my own problems"

Once again - some more constructive feedback to follow up on.