Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Snot Science

Yesterday Miss B. and I had our lovely boys group for Science.
We were determined to find something gross and icky that these boys would enjoy doing!

What is more gross and icky than......SNOT!

The boys did some great thinking to kick it off

  • it can be different colours
"why is that? Why is it sometimes different in colour?"
"when you are sick, when you have hayfever, when you are cold - it can be green or clear"

  • it can look different
"explain this - what do you mean?"
"runny, or rubbery"

"Why does our body produce snot? What is its purpose?"
"it is a type of mucus"
"it catches the dust that goes up your nose when you breathe in"

There were more responses and I was rather impressed with their thinking. 

So we got onto making some snot. 

We had 2 recipes but unfortunately one recipe was unsuccessful.
Luckily the second recipe worked a treat. In pairs they made some fairly good-looking snot. As expected we ventured 'out into the open' to play with it, feel it, poke it, pretend we had picked it etc!

Here are some photos of their snot we made.

After we had finished and cleaned up - we decided we would do an experiment and put some samples out to 'dry out'. TO see if it dries 'crusty' like the real stuff!