Tuesday, 12 May 2015


We are into our 3rd week of #NZreadaloud2.

Our book 'Wolf in the Wardrobe' is capturing the kids interest with SO many questions, thoughts, opinions, about the characters, plot, and the settings.

We have been REALLY lucky to have the author get involved in the student groups on Edmodo. Susan Brocker has joined the groups and replies to the kids comments and questions. THAT is a real bonus!

If it is collaboration and connectedness you are after as part of a future-focused classroom then #NZreadaloud is a brilliant place to start. For the 23 classes involved across New Zealand it becomes a major part of our Literacy programmes during this time and the kids LOVE it!

Here are a few of my kids sharing what they love about it...

What my kids think about #NZreadaloud from Kerri Thompson on Vimeo.