Saturday, 28 May 2016


Another Friday afternoon saw a group of 'one6ers' create a couple of 'Musicallys'

A bit like 'Dubsmash' but kids seem to like this better? These kids love performing ... and I love watching them be creative and creating! The organisation which goes into the 'choreography' is interesting to watch ... collaboration at its finest! (Note our wonderful Shannon fall over the plant ... all planned!)

Mystery Hangout

Thursday saw SOME of the learners in 'theONE6' participate in a Mystery Hangout.

It still surprises me when only a few kids choose to do these ... as I see it as a really authentic way to connect and learn about countries ... not to mention the questioning skills and problem-solving involved. I guess this is all a part of LearningMYway ... allowing kids the choice to learn this way! (or not as it goes!) All I know is ... the kids who join me in these fun learning opportunities learn lots and are those kids who will learn to value 'being connected' in our global world.

I would love to thank Steph Campbell and her class at Hutt Central for setting time aside to Mystery Hangout with us. These kids were awesomely well-behaved and SO KEEN. It was an absolute pleasure to spend some time with you. We hope now you have experienced a Mystery Hangout that there will be many more to come!