Saturday, 28 May 2016

Mystery Hangout

Thursday saw SOME of the learners in 'theONE6' participate in a Mystery Hangout.

It still surprises me when only a few kids choose to do these ... as I see it as a really authentic way to connect and learn about countries ... not to mention the questioning skills and problem-solving involved. I guess this is all a part of LearningMYway ... allowing kids the choice to learn this way! (or not as it goes!) All I know is ... the kids who join me in these fun learning opportunities learn lots and are those kids who will learn to value 'being connected' in our global world.

I would love to thank Steph Campbell and her class at Hutt Central for setting time aside to Mystery Hangout with us. These kids were awesomely well-behaved and SO KEEN. It was an absolute pleasure to spend some time with you. We hope now you have experienced a Mystery Hangout that there will be many more to come! 


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