Sunday, 28 February 2016

Online Portfolios

Having used Seesaw (an online portfolio site) with a small group last year I decided I would definitely roll it out to everyone this year.

It is such a clear interface and very easy to learn how to upload examples of work and explain the learning it is evidence of. 

After just ONE week of signing the kids up and having a 'practice' session with everyone, many kids are now understanding the power of being able to identify the learning which is important to them AND the purpose for uploading and sharing. It is very exciting to see kids grasp the idea of an online portfolio and who are now making their own decisions about what to take a photo of and share.

Here are a few screenshots of some recent examples...

Those of you who are already using your portfolio regularly... what is it which makes this something you are motivated to do? What advice have you got for others who are not so self-motivated YET?