Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Swedish sweet-tasting!

The day had come!

One week after our Mystery Google Hangout with Pernilla's kids in Sweden...we set aside half an hour to 'taste Swedish candy'!

Had the kids sit in a circle...the idea being we would casually 'record' some responses and have the kids 'use some descriptive language' to explain their thoughts (many kids have this as a writing goal - to use more descriptive words). So what a great opportunity to practice that within an authentic experience!

Well... the first 'taster' went out...I attempted to tell the kids what it was called... we smelled...lots of kids describing as 'caramel, coffee, liquorice smelling ...

And then we tasted!

The next thing I know... all the kids are up out of their seats and rushing to the rubbish bin! Well that was the end of the 'organisation'! Had to laugh though as this initial  reaction was 'priceless'!!

I decided to 'taste' myself with the thought that these kids are all just 'being dramatic' for the camera....WELL... i found myself having to 'get rid of mine' was HORRID! (Sorry Pernilla)

So onto the 'next taster'...

The little marshmellowy ones were a hit! "fruity" "like eskimos"

Then we passed out the fizzy bottles... smelt "bubblegummy" "sour"

The raspberry jube was a hit too..."soft, chewy, sweet" ... MY FAVOURITE!

We so hope you have just as much fun tasting our 'KIWI SELECTION' Pernilla and class! Make sure you do a video too...will be fantastic to 'see / hear' reactions!

ON BEHALF OF THE KIDS>>>>thank you for sending us some of your Swedish candy...the experience was fantastic and I hope we can connect with more classes around the world and do the same thing!