Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Youngest String Quartet

We are LOVING all the authentic learning coming out of our #NZreadaloud. The power of one story to lead us all into learning new things.

This link was shared to show our kids the difference in the string instruments...and so they can imagine the Viola in relation to the violin, cello, and double bass.

I think also, how the music played on these string instruments can be contemporary not just classical.

Two videos here...one titled "Firework" and the other is "Smooth Criminal"

What do you guys think? Would love some of your thoughts on this:) Please leave some feedback!

Monday, 24 August 2015


Last week we gathered outside to take some photos for a twitter chat I was participating in. Here are the results - I have used the App called 'Phonto' to add the text.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015


So we have set up our "reflection station" with the goal to ...


Using Twitter as our platform means we can 'storify' our learners' reflections.

Here is the storify for the hashtag #theONE6www for the last 7 days of school since starting ...

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Assessing the weather!

This morning on #BFC630NZ we discussed 'responsive classrooms'.

Something which came up was the idea of knowing how everyone is feeling each day so we can be 'responsive' to this during learning over the day.

One of the #BFC630NZ whanau explained it as "assessing the weather" and as I am particularly fond of analogies - this one STUCK!

So I went on a mission with @Periscope today and live-streamed 'the weather' BEFORE school started and at the start of our day in THEONE6.

I am loving @Periscope as it enables me to grab 'snapshots' of those moments which you never see again otherwise! 

And just for all the viewers to our blog...here are the videos!

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Our "Reflection Station"

Through our interest in personalising learning and more recently our drive to have learners 'find agency' in the classroom, Jemma and I discussed the importance of REFLECTION for students. Without an understanding of the importance of it and without us scaffolding the need to do it REGULARLY learners will struggle to find 'true agency'. We know reflection should occur more often in the learning cycle than just at the end of the week...and it does during everyday conferences and discussions...but we have always given reflection 'to do' on a Friday (although we do encourage/ expect reflection throughout any learning experience but formally it 'gets done' at the end of the week).

So how could we infuse reflection into the 'everyday'? 

Speaking with some of our connected teachers, together we came up with the idea of a 'reflection station'. A station set up every morning which is there for WHENEVER a learner wants/needs to reflect. 

We felt it might get more 'traction' if we used Twitter as the platform and had it live through a data projector so they could see any comments or replies coming back. We have created 3 hashtags for the kids to use:

  • #theONE6www     what went well
  • #theONE6aqih       a question I have
  • #theONE6ioto       in order to improve

We also put up a number of questions learners can use to help them reflect on their learning.

We have selected a student to be our 'reflection station' monitor (Cameron uses Twitter and our hashtags regularly nearly everyday to reflect so who better than to 'be in charge').

Tuesday, 11 August 2015


Having discovered FOTOBABBLE last year...have finally had a chance to use it with the kids this morning to share evidence of their learning of 3D shapes.

Here is my PRACTICE one...

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Dancing Raisins

This week we fitted in a great science session which got everyone curious and asking questions!

"Do you think we can make raisins dance?" 

The question was put up and everyone made a 'prediction' WITH a reason...

"No because a raisin is not alive - it does not have muscles"

"They might if you electrocute them"

"Maybe - when you pour the water over them they will dance as the water is being poured on them"

"Yes if you put them in milk because the fat in the milk might make them dance"

There were many more predictions too - but what was pleasing was the depth of thinking around their reasons...and this is just as important as the actual reason!

I will add the video some of the students took as we were doing the experiment - it really demonstrates what happened when we added raisins to half a cup of soda water.

What we did do as the experiment was taking place was use a shared Doc to collaborate on thinking about these questions...




GO HERE to view the shared Doc... there are some WONDERFUL WONDERINGS !!

Saturday, 1 August 2015


Week 2 also saw the end of the lead auditions for our Tamatea Intermediate School Production and our very own Jackson Stone earned himself a lead role (character yet to be revealed). Here he is giving an impromptu performance of one of his songs as Pugsley in the Addams Family a Tabard Theatre production. Watch this space for rehearsal footage from Rm16.