Sunday, 27 March 2016


Last week for #NZreadaloud4JWM the kids had to select an incident or situation or event from the story and create a 'piece of writing' around what is happening.

I am going to share some of their work here so you can see how creative these kids can be when left to have some CHOICE around what they write about and HOW they express it.

1. Mitchell and Andre collaborated on this piece; using the final soccer game and turning it into a 'commentary'. Just brilliant as they have captured the mood of the game with the detail they have included:

“Ok folks it's the last game of the season, the Condors will face off against the Nomads, we are five minutes away from kick of and the teams are warming up”. The nomads won the coin toss and they chose to kick off first,

here we go the nomads smashed the ball onto the other side, here comes the nomads striker Ryan he is one of the best soccer players in this match but he has just got tackled by katie “she is like a animal in the field tackling everyone’’. She has just pass to Pip on the right wing.

Wait hold on frank can we get a close up on this guy on the sideline, wait where is he, it can’t be too hard he is the only one on that side oh i see him, i feel sorry for whoevers Dad that is.

Wait the condors have the ball the kid called Pip has the ball he’s going for goal there is a defender coming to tackle him but he gets around him and smashes the ball at the goal, it hits the crossbar “Frank I can’t see a thing the sun is blocking my view, does it go in” everyone is yelling, i think it went in but the referee is saying no goal, “the guy on the sideline is not happy with that decision’’,” because he is yelling at the ref the ref  is going over to the guy”,  who’s Dad is that i feel sorry for the kid who’s related to the mad man because he has to leave the field.

The whistle goes end of the game 3-0 to the nomads, it was great game keep watching for the highlights after the break.

2. This is Emily and Mya's collaborative 'Diary entry' written from Pip's point of view:

It was just another day in English and then Mrs Holland announced that we were going to have a juggling competition. It was going to end of the last Friday of term we had three weeks, three balls, three dollars.

The prizes that we got if we won were a three dollar tuck shop voucher and Mrs Hollands juggling balls. 
After school that day i went straight to practice and that's how the story went. I didn't have any juggling balls so i just used mandarins because they were the same weight as Mrs Holland's juggling balls . 100 squishy mandarins later it was competition time.

3. Mikayla did a poster advertising the soccer game:

4. Jack wrote 'an article for the newspaper:

Ignatius Loon Sports Center Massive Success

April 19 2009

It’s been a long time coming, but finally, the Ignatius Loon sports center’s grand opening has arrived. Over half the town arrived for the grand opening, a massive horde waiting in the twilight air outside the Igloo’s large double doors. Climbing instructor, Rob Gale, agreed to an interview on the night’s events.

“The place was packed, especially the climbing center, we have an area called the “Bouldering Room”, it's the sort of place for people to get used to the handholds and environment they would experience on one of our climbing walls. The place was packed with little kids, tumbling all over the place, the maining climbing center was worse though, there were nearly too many people for us to handle, massive lines at each wall. Now, I was here working on this area of the center far before our grand opening and I have a crazy story for you, one night while I was touching up the climbing walls, a kid snuck in through an open door, at first I didn’t notice until I had to go back in for my keys. I was walking around with just a torch, then all of a sudden I hear a tiny little squeak, and I look up, and this little kid is hanging from the top of the midnight run, our hardest climb. Surprisingly he did this without a harness and managed his way down as well. He didn’t seem like the brightest kid, but he was one of the most natural climbers I’ve ever seen”

The Ignatius Loon sports center welcomes everyone to come down and try the range of sports available there. More news on the centers development, coming soon.

5. Sophie wrote an 'interview' with Ivan Kingsley, the soccer selector:

“Is, is it on?”
“Is the camera on?” Ivin repeats.
“Yes, it is” says the cameraman.
“You should have told me” says Ivin
“ummm its live” says the cameraman.
HURRY UP!” Yells Katie, are we gonna do the interview or not??
“Sorry lovey we will do it now” says Ivin politely.

“Hello everyone and welcome, here we have one of the latest Highland players this is the very talented Katie” announced the news reporter. “So Ivin what made you choose Katie for the position as a Highland player?” Hmm well, Ivin started “it was pretty easy to decide she was like a cheetah up and down the field, she was a rocket, i mean this Katie is an amazing passer and tackler as well, she easily just practically grabs the ball off the opponent and quickly passes the ball down to her friend pip, pip is an amazing shooter who scored quite a few goals. I must say i had second thoughts about choosing Katie for the spot but then she just nailed the long pass and i thought i must have her on my, team i need her and by the end of the game i just knew there was no one else with the amount of skill she had that could handle the pressure of being in the almighty Highlands soccer team.”

Those are just a few of the pieces of writing to come out of last week's #NZreadaloud4JWM.

We would love some feedback on what these students have written:)