Thursday, 18 February 2016


Habits for Success

This week our focus has been on 


We begun by talking and sharing what 'habits' are ...

and the kids had some great suggestions for this... showing they had some understanding of 'bad' habits and 'good' habits as well as habits that are just 'interesting'...

then we came back to this the next day and I asked them... what might be some habits which could enable you to be successful? They did well and came up with a lot of great ideas...

The next day... I explained we were going to put together a bag. The bag would be filled with @theONE6 'Habits for Success'.

I asked for suggestions about 'metaphors' and we came to the understanding that they are when you say something is something else...or when something represents another thing. I explained that we were going to put together a bag of 'Habits for Success'.

This idea has come from Art Costa's Habits of Mind which he describes are 'intelligent behaviours' we display when we are faced with challenges, problems, and uncertainties.

My 'Habits for Success' is a way to engage kids in understanding these behaviours and how they can look in a classroom context.

So without giving the kids too much... I would write up the 'behaviour' and see if they could think up what the 'metaphor' would be... remembering that it had to small enough to put in our little paper bag.

The kids did well with this and eventually we covered the 8 'habits' which I think are most important for us. Each item was passed out and added to their bag. The kids have said that they think it will be easier to remember the habits by thinking of its metaphor... we will keep checking this over the next few weeks:)

After the kids had decorated and named their bag...we pegged them on some wire where they can be seen all day as a way to remember them:)

Here is the STORIFY of the kids tweets as to which habit they think they need to work on...

Which of these habits do you think will be the EASIEST for you to display? Why do you think this? 

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