Sunday, 8 November 2015

Student VOICE

After a korero this morning about LearningMYway and sharing what the kids felt were the KEY things which are important ... they set to THINKING about the 
things about LearningMYway in the classroom.

For me as a learner who is on a journey to provide the 'best learning conditions' that I can for our kids at school, collecting STUDENT VOICE is vital.

I was pleased to get some valuable feedback, putting emphasis on their thinking about the MINUS. As we are often sharing what is GOOD, the GOOD stuff is visible all the time... it was the stuff I can change or fix that I am interested in.
What came out of this for me to re-think were these things...
  • the need for more chromebooks (we are 1:3) - although being blended HAS worked, I feel the same in that we are using more and more online learning/ reflection tools, connecting more than ever before via Twitter, Edmodo, Blogs, GHO and the day-to-day managing of learning using Google Classroom and Google Docs and calendar has meant the kids NEED access
  • A few kids mentioned that a minus will be going to a Year 8 class which is NOT following some of the LearningMYway approach - so they will be unable to continue building their skills of self-management (might have a solution to this)
  • one student said that while some people embrace it others can find it hard to adjust - AGREE - and this is because they haven't had to work this way before. Only way to learn is to KEEP TRYING!
  • one thing which came up numerous time was 'the book cupboard'. Although this is not a HUGE deal - it is obviously something the kids want to change. The idea coming out is having their own file box or tray which they can keep all their books in and carry with them to their work space... makes sense when I think about teaching them to manage themselves and their learning - also managing their equipment is important!
  • being disturbed or distracted by others was a concern from a few - and my answer to this is to make a choice to sit away from those who are disturbing you - work outside or a quieter corner - because the nature of the way LearningMYway is means there will ALWAYS be people talking! (The importance of 'breakout spaces' becomes obvious when so many mention this).
Kids find it INTERESTING that...
  • we are 'connected learners'
  • that we don't have 'homework'
  • that we do a read aloud with classes across NZ and the world
  • that they get to 'move around' and talk and listen to music
  • that we do things differently to other classes in the school
  • that we can share our learning
  • that we do Mystery Hangouts, use Twitter
  • that we have choices
  • that we can take risks and know about Growth Mindset
SO... some easy stuff to fix and change, some wonderful 'interesting' comments which sort of demonstrates that LearningMYway is still embedding itself into the kids' mindsets (importance of continuing next year) and the PLUS stuff is always nice to read:)

Here is the slideshow of the kids PMI where you can read the PLUS and extras as well!