Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Hi Connecticut

Two Fridays ago, we had a Google hangout with a class from William J. Johnston Middle School in Connecticut, USA.

We found out that they ate inside. Their canteen food sounded 
amazing they had nachos. They are so lucky.

 We spoke to over 200 kids that were in their hall. We learnt that they have some different classes than us and that they also have technology.

They are going to send us a parcel and we are going to send 
one back full of Kiwi treats. We cant wait to do another hangout
with them sometime soon. 

By Chloe and Kristina!

Wednesday, 21 October 2015


Here is the magical thing about TWITTER...

You have the ability to connect with MANY teachers looking to break down the walls of their classrooms - just like Jemma and I are. 

We live in a connected world - being connected is integrated into the lives our our learners seamlessly and we can provide massive opportunities for our learners to do this in our classrooms PURPOSEFULLY.

Nine days ago I received a tweet from @vanderclass

Here was another opportunity to connect our learners with others in Toronto to have a Mystery Hangout. COULDN'T RESIST!

So Christine and I 'kept in touch' and had our own GHO on Sunday morning to make sure the technology worked!

Tuesday morning at 8am.

About 6 or 7 kids came to class early to participate in this Mystery Google Hangout with Christine's class (in Milton, Toronto)

The kids were brilliant - from both classes. I must say we were impressed with Christine's class who were VERY organised with their 'roles' and professionalism! Hahahaha.

There is no more exciting way to start the morning that by connecting with kids on the other side of the world! 

And so begins another magical connection with another passionate teacher providing her learners with 'real' shared experiences by breaking down the walls of her classroom.

Thanks Christine and your wonderful kids - we look forward to staying in touch via blogs, twitter and another Hangout soon:)