Monday, 12 December 2016

Last days in #theONE6tamatea

Our last days have been fairly relaxed!

Here is our #mannequinchallenge which we got done yesterday. It has been a mission to get this lot sitting still for 2 minutes! We finally managed to stay still and posed ... except for Sharn and Hale who felt the need to 'drop a connector' play piece as soon as the camera was on them. All good ... it is still a good one!

We also did one last 'flash mob' as part of the DANCE THEORY!

Just love how a moment of creative expression can re-invigorate the peeps to get back into it!!

Would LOVE some comments or feedback on the 'DANCE THEORY'

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Term 4

Oh my goodness

I have not blogged about our classroom happenings ALL TERM!


I guess it shows how busy things have been. Lots has happened but the MAJOR happening this Term was CAMP.

In week 5 our Year 8 group of classes went to Mission Bay in Taupo. We were there for 5 days and 4 nights. It is always a fabulous camp with a walk each day. One of my favourite walks is the one around Lake Rotopounamu. A nice easy walk through some lovely native bush with a stop halfway at the lake to dip your feet and have a drink of water.

Manaia couldn't resist the water to cool down!

Here are some of the #ONE6ers enjoying the surroundings and posing for a photo:)

The BIG walk on Wednesday was up Tongariro to Ketetahi Springs. Having done the walk many years ago when I taught Year 8 I had not forgotten how challenging it is! Being about 18 years older than when I last did it, I found it extremely hard but was VERY grateful to Alex J. who walked with me most of the way. We made it to the top after about 3 hours and I was stuffed!

What a FAB day to be walking in this picturesque part of Aotearoa.


A special collage with some of my many special peeps:)

After a week of fun we left camp on the Friday and spent an hour at the hot pools in Taupo before travelling back to Tamatea. Here are some action shots of our time at the pools.

And lastly here is a video of the boys doing their synchronized manu!

Overall a VERY successful Outdoor Education Week:)