Tuesday, 17 November 2015


Hi my name is Sharn Mrs Thorogood invited Chloe, Kristina, Jasmine and I to enter a competition for photography.
We had to take a photo that was to do with war,peace or friendship. I took a photo looking up at a tree and I wrote a poem about peace about it because its nature.
I got inspiration at looking at some quotes, gathered some ideas and then wrote about the tree and peace. I wrote it onto a Google Doc and sent it to Mrs Thorogood and she sent them to the maker of the competition. The web site is called http://www.spiritusetlocus.org/ and I won! I came first and won $100

                                                  Displaying 20151101_212155.jpg


Don't look down look up,forgive and forget the past and move on. There's no path to peace without your smile and happiness. Make peace with nice words, relish your present and hope for the future. As the leaves change so do we, today might be bad but tomorrow is a new day and sometimes we have to let things go. Make peace with your smile forgive and forget.