Sunday, 22 May 2016

Another PlayDayMonDay

Big Ups to Ryan for coming up with our 

PlayDayMonDay idea.

Another great day in 'theONE6'.

For anyone wondering where PlayDayMonDay fits with learning, you should have a read of this article from the Education Review series. "Play based learning IS producing critical, creative, and innovative thinkers." 

Today I observed a group of boys come up with their own set of rules to play Boggle ... which they played for 75 minutes happily ... learning new words AND creating new words!

Today I observed kids choosing to be creative with paint for the covers of their 'unfolding stories' as part of the Me2 Programme.

Today there were kids who chose to participate in the Sumdog online Maths competition.

Then there were the girls who were also being creative putting together pages of their 'unfolding stories' using images they had printed.

Another successful Monday.

Having an innovative mindset and being willing to try new ideas to help engage our learners is what it is all about. The fact that this initiative was student-driven ... makes it even better. 

What have you done recently which was a student-driven initiative?