Monday, 17 October 2016

We've moved in!

Well...if you haven't heard...


For me this has been over a year in the waiting! So last week we were 'camping' in the old room (we had moved most of the big furniture out) in preparation for 'the move'.

There was a purpose for the 'camping' situation. We needed to do some 'whanau re-building activities' after our end of term did not finish so well. We re-visited our one6 mantras and discussed how important they are. 

We also shared ways we can show we value each other. This was also a necessary discussion as there is too much nastiness in the world and we need to show we support and care for the people we are with 6 hours a day. We completed this learning by creating a small artwork of our hand with a word on it which showed one thing that is special or unique about us. This was arranged in a heart formation on our new wall.

So...Thursday afternoon was upon us. Before the final move I took this quick video of 'theONE6'. As an old woodwork room, it has been the most awesome room and transformed superbly into a flexible learning space for LearningMYway.  

It wasn't long before we got started on the transfer of 'the rest of the stuff'! It only took one period to get the stuff in. 

"Many hands make light work"

With the furniture in a stack in the room ... i encouraged the kids to discuss how we would design our room. 

Some were more involved than others...but those who wanted some ownership talked with myself and their peers about the best place for the furniture. This time lapse shows the beginning of this collaborative effort.

We created some 'zones' with what we had and it started feeling like a great space for learning.

Isaiah couldn't resist blessing our new space with his pukana in his usual Isaiah styles:)

Since we have moved in the kids have enjoyed using our space to spread out and investigate. Friday saw the kids chilling and playing games:)

I would like to take this opportunity to invite parents in to see us learning in this amazing new space. We are quite spoilt in that we will get to work in here on our own for the rest of the year. As of the beginning of 2017 this will be a space for 2 teachers and 50-60 learners. So i am looking forward to seeing 'theONE6ers' make the most of this amazing opportunity and get stuck in over the next 8 weeks:)