Friday, 19 February 2016


Something REALLY important in ‪#‎theONE6‬ is ‪#‎studentvoice‬

I am of the belief that for a classroom to be student-centred the kids need to know "their voice matters". It is one of our mantras! So in #theONE6 the kids talk more than me! 

Something else REALLY important in theONE6 is REFLECTION. We have briefly discussed why reflection is important to embed into the learning cycle. One way we reflect in class is via Twitter. Doing it this way means I can capture their 'reflective moments' in 140 characters. Doing it this way means I can 'storify' the tweets or take screen shots and share them and use them for my own observation of my learners' thinking.

Below are some reflective tweets which some of the kids did last week where they share why they think their voice is important.