Thursday, 7 April 2016

Balls Clearing Trip

This Wednesday we went on a trip to balls clearing for our native bush research. We had to write down everything we found. The bugs were the hardest to find because they had all run away because of the class before us.
These are the native trees that we found some of the native trees we found
1. Rimu
2. Matai
3. Horopito
4. Mahoe

Here is a video I put together from some photos that we took.

by Bree Ann


Bitmoji Madness

Okay ... so call me weird ... the kids do!

But ever since finding the Bitmoji App in the Chrome Web Store a week ago, I have been hooked! I have had SO many laughs at these self-created caricatures that I NEEDED to share the fun with the kids.

So ... it began with me creating my own Bitmoji ... 

Then I added the link to our Google Classroom and the kids took to it and made their own ones too! 

You can tell a lot about a person's personality from the one they chose for the class bitmoji photo! So here is our 1st Class Bitmoji Photo...

We had so much fun that one of my kids decided they wanted to create a 

Class Bitmoji Dab Photo

How cool I thought! SO away she went and had everyone email her their 'dab' bitmoji and here is the result!

The challenge has gone out to some other classes around the country. Mr Kelly at Aorere College had his High School kids do it...

I created a Google Slide Show where all teachers could go and add their Class Bitmoji Photos:)

Please leave us some comments about our Bitmoji creations ... will you take up the challenge?

Here is a Doc we have where we have shared what we learnt from doing Bitmoji's ...

Here is a Doc where we have shared an explanation of our Bitmoji's ...