Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Digital Citizenship

This morning we continued our discussion around 


On Tuesday I had the kids write down what they THINK ... anything and everything that they could think of when introduced to these two words. Having explained the SOLO thinking structure, the kids put their sticky notes at the stage of thinking they thought they were at.

After reading their responses I added the MAIN things to our board...

then we discussed Digital Footprints...

and will continue talking about the 5 P's of our FOOTPRINT!

Tuesday 9th February...

This morning we chatted about 

Privacy * Protect *  Permission * Profile * Positive

We finished with the THINK mantra... is it






Now the kids are off to 'summarise' Digital Citizenship their 'own way'!

Some are sketchnoting, some are drawing pictures, some are writing a rap, some are creating a comic... we will share of course!



Today theONE6 viewed these two 'sketchnote' videos to learn a little bit about what sketchnoting is. As the kids did this we took note or tried to remember some KEY ideas.

The kids then shared the ideas which they remembered about sketchnoting and I proceeded to 'Sketchnote' these on the board!Not an overly great example but the best I could do in the time frame!

We then set the kids off to complete their sketchnote and add more detail, colour, and 'fix things up'. The results were awesome... for a first attempt I was very impressed... 

So after we had finished I asked them "do you think this was a better way to remember what sketchnoting is than me handing out a piece of paper with it written on?"

YES YES was the reply!

What do you think about the kids first attempts? They would love some feedback!