Tuesday, 31 March 2015


TheONE6ers have been involved in #twima2.... this stands for The World is my Audience. It is a global writing project whereby class from all over the world have completed some written work on the topic of DREAMS.

The project culminates in an iBook being published of ALL the kids writing. It is quite exciting and we can not wait till the book is complete and we can see our writing along with the hundreds of other students around the world.

Today we did our INTRODUCTION for the book... 

wedream from Kerri Thompson on Vimeo.

What my kids found out about Growth Mindset

This week was the last week of Term 1. Oh my gosh it has gone by so fast it is scary!

There has been SO much to get through, so much I have wanted to talk about, share, and discuss.

Yesterday and today we FINALLY did some thinking about GROWTH MINDSET. Firstly (as I did last year) put the two words on the board and asked them to come up with some ideas about 'what it means'. I suggested they look at each word separately first... here are some of their initial ideas...

The red phrase in the bubble was what we came up with as a 'definition' for Growth Mindset...


So we continued to have a chat about the ideas they had put forward and then I gave them 15 minutes to 'google it' and do some further research. While they were doing this I asked them to write down any other KEY phrases which they found which they thought 'summed up' what it meant. During this period of research many of them discovered that there is an OPPOSITE mindset called FIXED. They decided this was quite important to know so they could understand the difference. So we ruled up a page (me on the board) and shared the 'phrases' which will help us remember what these two different states are.

We shared some thoughts about the two states and how we might have a fixed mindset in one area (say Maths) but could have a Growth Mindset in other areas (the ones we know we are good at). We discussed each of the phrases relating it back to ourselves and at the end the kids wrote a summary statement about 'the state of their mindset' at this moment. 

It was a terrific discussion...I got a vibe that the kids have a good idea of Growth Mindset... partly because I have 'dropped in' little snippets of the concept right through the term. But today it was great to TALK about it.
Next Term we will start with looking at the 'fixed mindset' statements which we hear in classrooms sometimes and I will ask the kids to change them into 'growth mindset' ones. 

A day in 'theONE6'

Here is my first attempt at a time lapse video... a day in 'theONE6'

dayinone6 from Kerri Thompson on Vimeo.

The power of #NZreadaloud1

We are into the final week of our New Zealand Read Aloud. This was an initiative I started after being inspired last year by the Global Read Aloud. A project where classes connect with each other and share and discuss their thoughts and ideas about a story, its characters, the setting, and the plot.

It has been an amazing project to have our students involved in as not only are they connecting with other learners but it has given them an opportunity to learn about some online tools such as Popplet and Padlet and how these can be used for collaboration and presentation of ideas.

Here is an example of a task which was posted by Mr Shaw in Christchurch:

Here is an example of some of the discussion which took place...

Here is an example of the chat that is taking place on twitter using #NZreadaloud1:

Here are some gorgeous wee drawings from three of 'theONE6ers' did of The Katipo (Jack) on the Harley Davidson riding down the tunnel to Wetapunga Bay to save the Vicar and the Skipper: