Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Yesterday I introduced an idea to the class called MYsparkproject. We started off with this beautiful collection of books to SPARK their curiosity!

An idea for the shaping of student-led inquiries.

A concept embedded in the LearningMYway pedagogical framework which emphasises:
  • self-management
  • connected learning
  • reflective learning
  • critical thinking
  • collaboration

A concept which sets time aside for students to:

“design a learning pathway for themselves in which ‘something that sparks them’ is the driver”

A concept focused on ‘personalising’ learning for students by:
  • allowing them to self-direct
  • follow something which ‘sparks’ them
  • design what they will find out, create, produce
  • be responsible for how and what they will learn
  • encouraging goal-setting as they progress
  • guiding them to acquire skills to locate and select appropriate resources
  • helping build a network of peers/experts/teachers to support what they are doing

After students have 'found their spark'...they will slot their word/words into this project title...

“The World we live in has been shaped by...     

Shaping the inquiry this way gives scope for looking into history, present day, and the future.
Watch this space for all updates!


  1. At the start of this task I thought it would be boring... but as I was reading I found something that "SPARKED" me it took a while to find my spark but I got it in the end. While I was reading on something else sparked me it was design, first it was fashion then it turned to design and then it turned to maori design fashion I thought of title and I decided Mean Maori Fashion Design.

  2. Hi my name is Mikayla Renata and I am from Tamatea Intermediate.I liked how you added photo's of the books to show what we we're reading.But I had something to add on about what I thought. At the start of this task I thought it would be boring... but as I was reading I felt like I was going deeper into the book until I felt a SPARK! it was design as I was reading more and more of the book something else SPARKED me it was maori fashion I asked Mrs T if I could do all three and see she why not so I did, I came a with a name for all three of the things that sparked me "Mean Maori Fashion designs" and that is what I came up with.What sparked you? and why?How did you know it was right for you?

    1. Hey Mikayla it's Ms T... it makes me REALLY happy that you found your 'spark'. It makes me even more happy that you found it by reading deeper into a book / idea that you selected first. It was what I was trying to explain to everyone...that your spark might not be IN the book...it could be sparked BY the book...which is what happened to you. Thankyou for your feedback I really appreciate hearing your thoughts.
      And by the way...i think the 'spark' you have selected is going to allow you to really go deep into some research about something that is important to you!
      I can not wait to be working alongside you as you find things out.
      Ms T>

    2. Oh ...forgot to answer your question... what sparks me is learning more and more everyday about how to provide meaningful opportunities in the classroom for all my students! I want all of you to LOVE coming to our class to learn!


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