Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Change FM to GM

Yesterday the students in theONE6 continued with their learning into Growth Mindset and Fixed Mindset.

I wrote on the board a list of FIXED MINDSET statements. I explained their collaborative task this morning was to change these fixed mindset comments into Growth Mindset comments.

First, we discussed whether they themselves had used these statements sometimes or if they had heard others use them. The majority of my students had used one or more of these Fixed Mindset statements in the past. We did the first one together so they knew what to do and then in their groups they discussed alternatives which I then wrote on the board. The students came up with LOTS more than I could fit but here are the BEFORE and AFTER photo with their alternative GROWTH MINDSET statements.

It was a valuable discussion and the students seem to understand what it means to have a Growth Mindset.


  1. kia ora
    i'm sophie from the ONE6 whanau at Tamatea Intermediate in Napier, NZ

    i really enjoyed learning about fixed and growth mindset, it was really interesting and exciting I learnt a lot of new helpful information.

    at the moment im trying to have a growth mindset and stay positive in everything but im still working on it with my maths. I think i have a growth mindset in my spelling, reading, writing and arty things and a fixed mindset in my maths

    do you have a fixed mindset? if so in what areas?

  2. Hi my name is Connor and I am a student at Tamatea int. in Napier, NZ.
    I really liked how you explained how their is also an opposite to growth mindset I also have written a reflection.
    Miss T do you think you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset?


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