Monday, 9 March 2015

Week 2 in theONE6

Okay... so another 3 days has flown by in 'theONE6'. Once again we managed to get through a bit of learning in these three days. 

We continued our discussion around our school Mission Statement and came up with these ideas about what a supportive environment 'looks like' and 'sounds like'. 

We discussed PB4L (Positive Behaviour for Learning) and did some sharing around Tamatea Intermediate's 6 Core Virtues... Respect, Responsibility, Perseverance, Unity, Integrity, and Aroha. We then collected some data about the 'most important' virtue in a parent, a friend, and a teacher. This revealed some interesting results. Here are some 'virtues' which the learners in 'theONE6' came up with. 

We had a session on brainstorming what we know about Twitter. Learners discussed similarities with other social media such as 'likes' being favourites, 'replies', 'following', and Twitter jargon such as a 'retweet', 'handles', 'hashtags'. We learnt A LOT of new things before we had a practice at drafting a tweet... using a given hashtag, their name, and message in 140 characters. Some of 'theONE6ers' even got to tweet their first tweet today! 

his week we also signed into Google Classroom where we can find messages, tasks, and assignments. We got back into Drive and learnt how to create a Google Doc. in a folder. 

We had our standard 'korero' sessions each morning which gives kids an opportunity to share something about themselves and their whanau. 

We had heaps of laughs and funny moments... 
After I set my 'mood calendar' to CRAZY I was told by Connor that it means "depraved of normalness". I was happy with that!! 

Thanks 'ONE6ers' for making my 3 days full of fun, frustration, and frivolity! 

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