Monday, 9 March 2015

Week 3 in theONE6

This week has been a mixture of good times and a few frustrating times! 

At last we got to discuss LearningMYway. This will be an ongoing discussion with lots to learn about for some. Here is our thinking BEFORE we had talked much about it... 

We then got together and a few kids contributed to our collective brainstorm as to what they knew or had read about LearningMYway. Here are their thoughts... 

After we had shared and discussed we re-did our sticky note to show our improved thinking! 

Our thinking and understanding about LearningMYway will be ongoing throughout this Term when hopefully many students will have the skills to be ready to Learn their way! 

We also managed to get back on the Chromebooks for an afternoon and complete some work in Google Classroom. We learnt how to 'submit' some work for commenting. 

We had a great game of 'forceback' in PE on Tuesday... a game that needs to be played FAST to keep people moving and focussed!! 

We filled out a survey on 'Homework' using Google Forms. 

We had an 'interesting' afternoon on Wednesday participating in a collaborative problem-solving the tallest tower using 30 sticks of spaghetti and 13 marshmallows! Mmmmmm it was a terrific exercise in 'perseverance' which is one of our core virtues. Most of the whanau in theONE6 did very well...our buddy class might have some work to do when it comes to persevering!! 

These girls above were the winners of the challenge...a brilliant structure with a strong base and they all worked co-operatively together! And they enjoyed their chocolate prize!!


  1. Hey guys,
    We really like your blog because there are lots of photos and explanations so we can really understand what you are doing in school.
    After seeing you making structures out of marshmallows and spaghetti sticks it reminded us of some activities we did in year 7. In my class on of our classes we had to make structures out of straw, a small amount of tape, string and a marble. Some how we had to think of a way to make the marble hang from the straws. This activity was very hard and required a lot of team work, I presume you guys had to work together a lot as well. We were also wondering how tall was the winning structure, if you remember?
    From Evahn, Maia and Renee

  2. Hi, I am Ms T and I am pleased you like our blog... I think pictures are vital as it gives everyone a much better idea of who we are and what we are doing.
    The towers were fun (and messy) marshmallow was all over carpet!! But it was an interesting challenge in design AND perseverance. The winning one was a lot shorter than I had expected... but I can't remember exactly! The team work was definitely a necessary requirement! Some groups did that better than others!
    Thanks Evahn, Maia, and Renee for your reply and tell Mrs Hogg you have done it well. I am going to teach my students next week how to structure a reply/comment so they learn to do it purposefully! We will get to your blogs as soon as we have done that!
    Have a great weekend.
    Ms T

    1. We are so happy you liked our comment and if you want any examples for how to comment, feel free to visit our blogs as we did some posts about commenting. Evahn's blog: Maia's blog: and Renee's blog: hope they help a little bit!


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