Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Our Assembly Performance

On Monday theONE6ers' put together a 10 minute performance to share the learning we had done during #NZreadaloud4JWM to the rest of the school at Assembly.

Jack volunteered to be our Master of Ceremonies

Chloe and Sharn wrote a song where they had summarised some key themes in the story and a few of the one6ers' stepped out of their comfort zone to sing it at Assembly.

Grace and Te Anahera put together a Google slideshow sharing some of the amazing language features from the story. A line of one6ers' got up to say one each as the slideshow went through.

Mya did some research about 'How to Juggle' and put together a Slideshow to share at Assembly. A small group of one6ers' who had taken up the challenge to learn to juggle took a risk and demonstrated their new found skills of juggling.

For some this was really stepping out of their comfort zone to get up in front of the whole school. I was very proud that ALMOST all got up and did something - a real show of UNITY. Well done you guys:)

Here is the video i took of the performance ... please excuse any 'random noises' !!!

What was it like for you to step out of your comfort zone and share in front of your peers?


  1. This is awesome. We'll done kids. Always good to step out of your comfort zone. Only way to learn and achieve.

  2. Psst....that was great! 👏👏👏 good on you all for having the courage to display your great learning efforts and stepping up and out of your comfort zones...this strengthen's your character and you begin to understand that anything is possible if you give it a go!

  3. Oh I miss these important presentations at assembly! There has been so much learning from this book as there is from every #NZreadaloud and I think you shoud put out the challenge to other classes in the school who participated in this to share some of their learning.


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