Thursday, 14 April 2016

Learner Voice

Something I am PASSIONATE about is making sure my learners have a voice in the classroom.

* Oh yeah ... don't you worry, plenty of korero goes down everyday (most of it about learning) but hey they are kids!  

What I am meaning by learner voice is that they have a say * they make some decisions * they talk to me about what is good and what could be better ... this is what I mean by VOICE.

Something I have done ever since I started using LearningMYway pedagogy is carry out a Google Survey. I do this to 'gather voice'. 

I want the kids to share what is hard about it (so I know where the help is needed). From the graph below, the first 2 things the kids find the hardest are likely the easiest to overcome - keeping an eye on the time (check the clock) and my friends around me (make a choice to move).

The third hardest thing is about 'prioritising my tasks and getting the important ones done' (this takes practice and will get better over time). The fourth hardest thing is "knowing what to do when I don't know what to do" (this is about initiative and will also improve with practice as many have had a teacher TELL them what to do most the time and it means taking some risks now to make their own choice). "Learning about the digital tools" is an issue for a few (once again practice and getting help from all our amazing experts in the classroom). "Not understanding the learning tasks" is an issue for a few also (this is where my focus will start - making sure these kids know they can come to me to clarify or maybe I need to be clearer!)

I want the kids to share how we could make it better (better to ask the kids what will make it better then they feel like their ideas matter - it empowers them).

There were only 5 pieces of feedback from this question which I can act on...

We have a space for quiet working and I need to ensure it is a quiet space!

This should be discussed on a Monday when we set up our timetables.

I have moved away from groups to personalising learning ... but do carry out group work for maths. The kids can discuss their learning with those around them. 

We are a blended classroom and this means we alternate between digital and hard-copy work. I think once everyone has learnt how to use the digital tools better we might be able to ask for some more.

Well this is something which is already in the planning. We are beginning 20% Time next Term ... so for 20% of the week (1 day out of 5) the kids can select something which THEY want to learn about. We have been getting inspired by the videos in our Google Classroom. Ask your kids:)

Interesting I am sharing my thoughts about this ... the results from the survey have also shown that the 'most important thing they have learnt that they didn't know before' was that


The next 3 important things they have learnt that they didn't know before were the idea that "I can be my own boss" - meaning they are learning to manage their own learning and behaviour - being in charge of themselves. The image really shows that one aspect of being your own boss, creating some of their own timetable, is a winner!

This graph below shows that 20 out of 26 are either 'smashing it' or nearly 'smashing it' when it comes to managing their own learning and behaviour. This is AWESOME - and I can feel that in the classroom ... 20 kids being their own boss means less whinging on my part! 5 kids are middling and one responder does not feel they are doing this well at all. This is the person I need to help:)

"Having a Growth Mindset helps me as a learner" - meaning knowing that it is ok to make mistakes, ok to not know things the first time you are taught it, you have to practice, being challenged is when the best learning happens. "The Habits of Success help me Focus" - meaning there are certain key habits that if they can remember and do without thinking will help them be successful.

The most important thing is this ... are you more motivated to come to class because we work differently ... because we are being innovative in the way we do things? My one learner who is still not motivated to be in class ... this is my challenge:)

And lastly, this is pleasing for me...

We would love some feedback on our 'student voice'.

How often do you gather student voice for the purpose of gauging what the kids are feeling and how you can make things better?

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