Thursday, 11 February 2016

Why Reflect?

This morning in theONE6 we had some sharing and discussion around 


In theONE6 reflection is embedded into what we do. It was important that the kids know WHY reflection needs to become something they do when they are learning. So not just at the end of a day or week... but all the time. 

I was really happy with the ideas which came up after the kids had done some of their own thinking. They really managed to cover ALL the important points...

to see progress as this builds confidence * to know where we went wrong and to come up with a strategy to fix it * to think about what I have understood and what I need help with * to share our new learning with others * to refresh in our minds the learning just done * to SHOW that we are thinking about our learning.

Have you done some thinking about your learning today?

Share it in the comments section:)

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