Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Mystery Hangout Mania!

We LOVE Mystery Hangouts!

This morning saw theONE6ers' settle in for what will likely be our last Mystery Hangout for the year!

Today we were trying out a different platform too called


Wow...how easy was that! Like creating a private living room for the Hangout to take place!

As usual we started by finding out which Hemisphere they are in, then used longitude lines to break it down to East or West. After we had found out they were in North West Hemisphere we asked if they were in Canada...YES they were. 

We then kept narrowing it down using longitude and latitude until we found out where they were!

Surrey in British Columbia, Canada.

After we finished the Mystery Hangout we chatted for a bit and our kids performed the Tikatonu Haka for them. Thanks Mikayla for starting that off...if you hadn't we might still be waiting!

A big KIA ORA to Mr Dorland and his Grade 6 kids for spending some time with us this morning. Some were amazed that it was after lunch Tuesday for you while it was 9.30am Wednesday for us! 

Here is a short video of PART of the hour long Hangout:)

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