Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Kowhaiwhai Creativity


Combining art, maths, and a bit of culture!

An awesome activity using the kids understanding of reflection, rotation, and translation to create an original kowhaiwhai pattern.

First thing they all do is inquire into what kowhaiwhai is and complete a little bit of research to get an understanding of its cultural significance.

Then we shared some 'koru' shapes - specifically trying to come up with some 'different' shaped ones so we could create a truly original pattern.

After the kids had used up a lot of newsprint practicing koru - they came up with a shape they liked ready to make their stencil.

Then they went about figuring out what transformation they wanted to use for their pattern.

After the patterns had been created we started the dye process.

Select 3 colours, apply the lightest one first, apply in the space not directly on top otherwise it will turn poo brown, let the colours mix on their own, and then leave to dry.

Once the dye part is complete, they leave them to dry. When dry the 'inking' begins. The trick with this stage is "don't rush it". 

Take your time, persevere with this, get your corners and edges smooth and it will turn out KA PAI!!

Here is ONE which is complete!

As the others get finished I will add them to this post:) 

Ka pai with this one above Sharn - STUNNING:)

Love the simplicity of yours Mikayla:)

Chloe your 'roundy' one is effective too:)

Waimarama - this is stunning - love the 'warm' colours:)

Pearl yours is effective too the way you used rotation.

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  1. Your kowhaiwhai look stunning.

    I love the colours you are suing to bring them alive.

    Allanah in Nelson


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