Monday, 8 June 2015

Park Ranger Mel

What an AWESOME experience this morning in 'theONE6'.

Having nearly finished our #NZreadaloud2 'The Wolf in the Wardrobe' by Susan Brocker.... it was the perfect time to Skype with the Park Ranger at Yellowstone Park in America....with us being nearly finished the book and Lupa's flight back to the States so close!

So at 9am we called 'Ranger Mel' and away we went. Mel has connections with New Zealand (her husband from Christchurch) and other family...Ranger Mel knew a lot about our country and we discussed a WIDE range of topics...including our own National Parks, native animals, and Rotorua!

As Ranger Mel shared information about Yellowstone Park...a few of us took notes (in our own way) so we could use them to create a presentation of what we found out. I had the kids write some questions on the whiteboard and as Ranger Mel gave us the answers I jotted them onto the board. I also added extra interesting information she shared. Here is what the board looked like at the end of our Skype.

In reply to this post, I would like all 'theONE6ers' to tell me the MOST INTERESTING thing you found out about Yellowstone Park or the animals in it.


  1. Hi Ms T, Chloe here. I loved the skype we did with park ranger Mel, Im glad she had enough time to skype us all the way from america! I cant believe that there is 400 park rangers in the summer. Thins skype taught me a lot of things i never knew about, for one i didn't even know yellowstone existed, but i will always remember its a cool place!

  2. Hi Ms T and Mrs Thorogood its Jasmine from the ONE6 and I would found it really interesting learning about Yellowstone Park and skyping with Ranger Mel from America. I really enjoyed skyping Ranger Mel and I learnt a lot of things like there are around 400 workers there in summer, and that it started in 1872! I really appreciated that Mel used time to skype us and shared so much interesting facts with us in the ONE6! Thank you Ranger Mel for taking time and putting time aside to skype us from here in New Zealand!


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