Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Week 5 & 6 in theONE6

Time flies when you are having fun!

That is what they say. Well time has certainly flown. Maybe it is moving faster this year because I am only in the class for 3 days a week. I am attempting to fit too much in I think!

Week 5 saw the beginning of #NZreadaloud1. This is a 'book study' I have set up Nationwide with other teacher & classes around the country. Our catch-phrase is "one book to connect kiwi kids".... and it is working! The collaboration and discussion on Twitter and Edmodo around the first few Chapters has blown me away. So all our connected classes out there...keep up the fantastic thinking!

This week we switched from Kidblog to Blogger. This has been a bit of a disruption BUT a much better choice as all of theONE6ers can have their 'personal' blog where we will eventually post writing, reflections, and photos of our learning.

This week a question was raised in our morning 'korero' about whether coaches should be sacked if their team is not winning a lot. This was brought up because of the issue around the Auckland Blues and how they are not doing so well. Should John Kirwin be sacked? Or should the players take some responsibility? I created a Padlet for the kids to express their reasons and justify their thoughts. Click here to have a look at what the kids say!

During week 5 & 6 theONE6ers have been 'practicing' LearningMYway styles! They have been showed and explained a task list which they select from and choose when they do each task. Many kids are proving to be true self-managing learners. I know this because i see them focused on the task at hand, being responsible with digital tools and what they are using them for, work being completed and handed in, and simply kids working hard on what they happen to be doing. This photo was from today and shows everyone busy and focused...a great morning.

This afternoon saw us participate in our regular twitter chat #kidsedchatnz. This week's topic was very relevant as I had sent out a survey to the kids too about the topic.... interests and passions....and how these are promoted in the classroom. I will share the results of the survey in a post next week.

The biggest fun happening this week is that theONE6ers are off to the beach on Thursday to have their surfing lesson. Mrs Thorogood is going to get a few photos of theONE6ers so we can do a blog post about our day.

I am in the process of getting ALL the student blogs linked to this class blog so parents and our connected classrooms can visit the student blogs and read and reply to their posts.

Until next week....ka kite.


  1. have you had to resort to the french guy again HA HA HA
    can you have a look at my poem on my blog
    have you got any one else on the blog to night
    thanks Kristina

  2. He was hilarious wasn't he!! That was so funny... I am glad it made you laugh too. I will definitely go and have a look Kristina. I have not got anyone else on as I need to know everyone's blog URL. We will get there...just takes time. Have a wonderful day tomorrow.

  3. We liked the post it was interesting because you shared all the different things you've been up to.
    We think John Kirwin should be sacked because ever since he has been coach the team has not been going so great. As well as the challenge of sacking him they also have to find a new coach, but come on it's Aukland the city of club rugby. Maybe they sould wait for the next season so they don't over complicate thing for this season?
    Natalie and Leigh (Mrs Hoggs Blog)
    Our Class Blog - http://mrshoggatberkley.blogspot.co.nz/
    Natalie's Blog -http://natalieroom10.blogspot.co.nz/
    Leigh's Blog -http://leighroom10.blogspot.co.nz/

  4. Brooke: (room 10 at berkley).
    This is a really good post us it tells us all about what you are up to! We also have a Korero at our school but it is a news letter that comes out every month. What is yours for? Are you part of the student blogging challenge?
    We are and this week we had to make a post about commenting (so hopefully you are really happy with our with our comments).

    I hope the one6ers have a great time surfing!

    1. Hi Brooke. I am Ms T. and want to thank you for making a comment on our blog. We ahve only JUST set it up as we were using Kidblog but it wasn't so good.
      Our 'korero' every morning is just a chance to share 'stuff'... it helps my kids get to know each other better!
      We have not entered the Blogging Challenge... a bit too soon I think as many students have not ever had a blog so I have to teach them all about it... especially how to reply/comment properly so it is purposeful and creates dialogue.
      We will get a post up about the day at the beach learning to surf so you can see the fun they had.
      Tell Mrs Hogg I think your comments are PERFECT. They are everything I teach to mine... GREET, COMPLIMENT CONNECT QUESTION.... so well done. We will get into your blogs as soon as we have had a lesson or two!!
      Ms T


  5. Hi one6ers and Mrs T,
    I think your Korero sounds like a great way to get to know each other.
    This is our first year blogging, but our teacher's a bit of a pro so we basically get all our knowledge from her! I will also tell her that you like our comments. I think she will be really proud.
    Some kids in my class have some great blogs which you should check out to get ideas and I'm sure they would love to answer any questions you have as well. This is my blog address: http://brookeroom10.blogspot.co.nz/
    I also think the name of your blog is great.
    We have been shown an awesome site which helps you put on things like clocks and clustrmaps on your blog. I am not sure if you know of it but it is: http://bling4yrblog.blogspot.co.nz/ It is a pretty great site that our teacher showed us when we were all starting our blogs.


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