Thursday, 11 August 2016


This week saw the start of #NZreadaloud6TGoT...

The Ghosts of Tarawera by Sue Copsey is our story for the next 6 weeks. Another fabulous book from another fabulous New Zealand author.

The first 3 Chapters have been captivating! I have enjoyed bringing out my 'American' accent when reading 'Anast-arrrrr-sia's' lines ... this character being the topic for our writing sessions at the moment with the kids writing her 'back story' after learning about the importance of this when creating characters for a novel (Des Hunt). 

Here is Sharn's version of her ... (I am sure there will be many others on the way!)

So many vivid language features so far too, here are a few...

pg 33 "It was like a cauldron of boiling chocolate..."

pg 36 "... their faces tomato red."

pg 36 "The sky was empty of clouds apart from a few wisps still hugging the summit of Mount Tarawera". 

Here is our 'note taking' from today ... 

It is looking like Rocky will be a fun character too. As Jack said to me today "Hey Ms T... Rocky is really a walking pun!" it!

His real name is Rufus, he is a volcanologist, he has pets called Iggy (igneous), Seddy (sedimentary), and Morph (metamorphic), he likes to eat rock cakes, has Geology Rocks on his coffee mug, and has a number plate with ROCDOC on it. More to come I think:)

Be on the lookout for weekly updates on our adventure with Joe, Eddie, Beckie, Anastasia, and Rocky and their holiday adventure at Lake Rotomahana.

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