Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Why LearningMYway?

In theONE6 we have started the Term re-visiting 


The MAIN question I put to my kids was this...

What are the reasons some teachers are changing things from the way it has always been?

The discussion was vibrant and because many of my class are into their 2nd year of this change, this wasn't too hard to come up with some reasons.

We also discussed Self Regulation and all the concepts this involves like:

Goal setting * Planning * Motivation * Self monitoring * evaluating * Engagement * Help Seeking * Strategic thinking

Here are some comments which came out of the survey we carried out so we can learn from the kids what WE as teachers can do to help them with Setting Goals and Motivation...

“I need to be reminded about my goals so I would like a goal book, a wall display and / or a digital format to help me with this.”

“Having our goals displayed in the room or on the top of our timetables will mean we can see them easily everyday.”

“We should have ‘real time’ goal setting conferences / discussions”.

“We get motivated when we use different digital tools that WE choose to show our learning.”

“We get motivated when we get to choose what we learn because we can relate to it and it makes it interesting and engaging also when something is new to you or when you are curious about something it makes it really interesting.”

“We get motivated when we discuss our learning with our mates and the learning is fun.”

“We get motivated when can listen to music.”

Getting this sort of feedback is REALLY helpful as we learn what we can do to help the kids be more self regulated.

Today we had a great discussion about what it means to 


Here is what they came up with   ...

I particularly loved the new category they came up with called 'feels like'.

It was an awesome conversation about what it feels like when we think hard - during deep thinking "a party in my brain" 

and after thinking deeply  "my brain is worn out".

I loved how one student decided "day dreaming" might actually be "day thinking"

I loved how one of them described deep thinking as "sound waves".

I loved how some students identified that deep thinking in collaboration leads to a good idea becoming an AWESOME idea.

Let's hope we see, hear, and feel some DEEP THINKING happening in theONE6 over the next half of the year. 

Thinking deeply shows you are getting into the learning pit.

How often are you in the pit?


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