Tuesday, 2 February 2016


Global School Play Day 2016

The scene was set! 

The class were told on Tuesday afternoon that we would be participating in #GSPD2016 on 3rd February. This happened to be the third day of our school year! 

By the looks of what went on throughout the day... I think it was a great success.... as well as some interesting observations!

 Throughout the day the kids added their answers to the question...

Some thoughtful responses to the question... 

negotiating * giving instructions * patience * basic money management * teaming up * confidence * problem-solving * communicating * 


Here are some photos of what happened throughout the morning of 'indoor games'

Here are theONE6 whanau BEFORE heading out for 'outdoor' games!

And some photos of our 'unstructured' games from the afternoon...

The afternoon 'unstructured play' resulted in games of soccer, rugby, netball, handball and bars. 

What a great day we had. "Learning through play"

They were all red-faced and exhausted after an afternoon in the hot sun!

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  1. That was such a awesome day I wish that we could do that again.


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