Thursday, 25 February 2016

End of week reflection

In theONE6 we are working on embedding reflection into everything we do. It is such an important part of the learning cycle - the ability to think about what we have done, haven't done, why something didn't go the way it was meant to, what made other things successful, and what we are wondering about. 

Thinking about thinking is called being 'metacognitive'. 

ONE way we reflect is through a tweet consisting of 140 characters. This is a skill theONE6ers' have been learning since week 1. There is a real skill in composing your tweet to ensure it includes the appropriate hashtag, your name, and of course your question or message which needs to be clear, concise, with the right amount of detail BUT at the same time uses only 140 characters.

This week's Tweet Task was to ask a question AND think about your own response to it... all in 140 characters.

Here is the storify of the kids tweets...


  1. There are some awesome question that theONE6ers have asked.Mitchell

    1. I agree Mitchell... everyone really thought about what it was they were questioning last week. I was impressed:)

  2. Hi Alex.
    I think that your question is quite good, as I have had the same idea of showing "In Progress" work.
    It seems like a good idea, but would you agree that we would need a way to link the pieces of work?


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