Friday, 29 January 2016

A new year... 2016... Here we go!

SO another year is upon us.

I am SUPER EXCITED to come back to school and continue our learning journey that we are on.

BUT the question is...

The MOST important thing about a classroom are the people in it.

In theONE6 we are ALL learners.

In theONE6 we support each other.

This year though we are going to be PUNK LEARNERS!

This means ...

we think for ourselves

when we are stuck we work hard to get unstuck

we solve problems we are faced with and this can be messy and hard

we take risks so we are never bored

we THRIVE in the pit of learning and love the challenge of climbing out


and remember...


  1. yeah miss T i was ready to come back last week so has Sharn cant wait for this year, year 8!

    1. Hey Chloe! Yeah some of us actually like school huh! I am glad you are ready to rock and roll coz so am I:)
      See you Monday - BOOM!


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