Wednesday, 21 October 2015


What an awesome way to begin the Term 

The Global Read Aloud kicked off on the 5th October. We have connected with 4 other classes around the globe:

Pernilla's class in Sweden

Rachel's class in Texas

Andrea's class in Wisconsin


Stacey's class in Hastings

Our kids connect and collaborate through Edmodo using questions and tasks set by the various teachers (and students) each week. It is a fantastic opportunity for our learners to share and justify their thoughts as this example shows:

Here is another example of how being connected and having the ability to collaborate with others encourages critical thinking and discussion. Mikayla had a question which she was pondering and decided to add it to Edmodo to see what other kids thought... Magical learning together.

As well as using Edmodo to share and discuss the story line, characters, and setting we are also using the Read Aloud to learn about LANGUAGE. We have a whole board in our room to use for displaying the many different language features we find in the story. Also new words and 'stunning sentences'. We have colour-coded the features so they are easier to remember! Here is a series of images showing how it has grown over the first 3 weeks:

A few of the boys have taken control of keeping the Language Wall updated...

The other way are connecting and sharing our thoughts about the book is via Twitter using the hashtag #GRAFish. This has been awesome as well because MANY classes from around the world are using this hashtag so we can connect with others classes too. 

The REALLY awesome thing - the author is using #GRAFish to have conversations with kids who are asking questions! This makes for a real authentic learning experience! Here are some examples of @LauraDron (the author's handle) contributions...

We are half way through the Read Aloud now and hope to connect with our global classrooms via a Google Hangout towards the end. 

Have you all enjoyed the book so far theONE6ers?

Have you enjoyed having kids from around the world to connect with? What do you like about it?


  1. Yay, glad it is going so well for you! We are loving it as well. I am connecting with Belinda (Brandon Intermediate) and then teachers from Australia and Pensylvania. It is fantastic. My students have really stepped up in order to share their work and they are currently all collaborating on writing their own Nightmare story using google docs in small groups, with students from each school/country. It has been superb to see the quality of some of the writing and how the kids are connecting in a positive way.
    We have been using some fun new tools (Blabberize) to get them sharing their ideas and thoughts. I can't wait to hear more.

    1. Hi Megan, thank you so much for leaving a comment. We do not get many (my fault - need to put it out there more:) Great to hear you are collaborating with Belinda - a staunch enthusiast of 'Read Aloud' (much like yourself). The ability for kids to collaborate on Docs is truly something which still blows me away:) How powerful is that huh:) I shall take a look at 'Blabberize' - sounds VERY interesting. Hope you enjoy the rest of the book and no doubt will connect online before #NZreadaloud4 !!!

  2. Fantastic post! It is my first experience with the Global Read Aloud and I'm totally sold. So powerful for students to have a global audience for their thinking and to connect with authors and other students!

    1. Kia ora Christine!
      I did the GRA last year for the first time and it completely 'blew my mind' - the power of connectedness:) I just LOVE that we can connect our kids so easily from all parts of the world! As an 'older' teacher, I have not been as excited about education as I am now:) I would LOVE to keep in touch with you and the classes you teach beyond this year if we could:) Thanks so much for leaving a comment:)

  3. Kia ora,
    My kaupapa is Te reo Māori in mainstream schools BUT I loved seeing this. It's all inspirational . I ❤️Kaiako!!

  4. Thank you Mrs T I so many replies and yes I do agree the BIG part is coming up....


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