Sunday, 13 September 2015

Bubbles are Dots...aren't they?

Okay, so International Dot Day inspired me to do things DOTTY early in the week (as I have already explained in a previous post).

How could I use 'the DOT theme' and infuse this into Science today? Hhhmmmmmmm...

I know - BUBBLES! I think bubbles are dots - don't you? Yes I am convinced, bubbles are 3-dimensional dots filled with air! Yes - I am correct - yes!

So - our experiment with 3-dimensional dots filled with air started with some discussion around a few ideas which came up:

  • where do we find bubbles?
  • how are they formed?
  • what causes different sized bubbles?
  • can we make bubbles in different shapes?
  • what sort of mixture do we use?
  • what is the ratio of water to detergent?
  • what mixture will make the biggest bubble?
  • why do they have colours on the outside?
  • what makes them burst?
  • how do you know?

The thinking around ... I notice / I think / I wonder was awesome and we had some fantastic discussion.

Then they got to play...

Everyone was pretty excited by what they were discovering and there was a lot of conversation around 'shapes', 'the way we blew - soft or hard', 'bubbles inside other bubbles', 'why do they pop so easily'. 

Then we did another experiment - this time using a cup with the bottom cut out and some chux cloth secured with a rubber band over the bottom. WELL - this was awesome. We were now blowing long snake-like bubbles which got the kids VERY excited!

So with all our wonderings, observations, and thoughts completed it was time to get DOTTY! We had bubbles as acne...

We had bubbles as our brain that has escaped from our skull...

And we had bubbles as beards and goaties!...

After this we went outside to blow some more and watch them fly high into the windy yonder!...

A super session with 3 dimensional dots filled with air! Gotta love it:)

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