Monday, 27 July 2015


Week 2 has seen the start of #NZreadaloud3.

This is a literacy initiative I started at the beginning of the year for classes around New Zealand to connect and collaborate through the reading of ONE book....written by a New Zealand author.

There are 53 teachers and classes around New Zealand participating ... from Whangarei through to Kaikoura!

Everyone is very excited! Edmodo is our platform for our online literacy circles.

However we also do some of our learning in a 'read aloud notebook'. Yesterday we discussed what the cover tells us about the story...there were some very insightful thoughts and ideas. Then we read the blurb and the kids added to their original ideas. Here are some examples of the thoughtful predictions and justifications for their thinking.

It's going to be a GREAT story...we are already in suspense after Chapter 2!

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  1. This story so far is awesome the vocab and every thing


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