Monday, 18 May 2015

Mystery Hangout Evening

Well....Monday evening saw 10 students, a few parents and 2 visiting teachers (one from our own school and one from Mahora Primary School) come BACK to school at 6.30pm to participate in two Mystery Hangouts!

The scene was set...

Parents 'in place'!

Our first Hangout was with a class of South Korean students learning English. (Although the kids did not know this as we asked a series of yes/no questions to figure that out!)
Our favourite character from this class was 'Harry'... of course the kids asked him what his 'Korean' name was and he obligingly told us but unfortunately we did not quite 'catch' it!

Mitchell and Connor were our 'questioners' for this first Hangout and they were great! 

Lots of thoughtful questions...lots of checking out maps and atlases...the kids worked out that Alyson's class were in a city called Anyang in South Korea!

And thanks Mikayla for being our 'recorder' as poor Dartanian was unable to be here tonight so Mikayla took his place and wrote up our 'clues!'

At the end the kids shared some information and finished with that 'universal' language ... 'hand signals of love'!!

Our second Hangout was with a class in Sweden...Boras to be precise! We found out it was 10am in the morning there while it was 8pm in the evening here! So they were just starting their Monday!

Once again some great questioning and thinking...Connor recognized the accent! He said very early on they might be asked the question and straight away we all then went to the Swedish map and began finding out WHERE.

Lily and Mikayla were out 'questioners' for this Hangout...and did a fine job too!

After discovering where they were...the kids asked each other some questions (with enthusiasm!!)

Chatted to the teacher...Pernilla Elander...

and the Swedish kids...

and finished with a 'groupie'....

Thanks to Mrs Thorogood, Mrs Howard, and Vicki for their support with the evening...COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU ALL.

NOW...Pernilla and kids...we will taste the Swedish candy you sent us and let you know what we think...

Yours is on its way!!!


  1. So fun to read about the experiences on your side of it! We had lots of fun! Thank you!

    1. Hi my name is Pearl. I really enjoyed talking to you and learning new things about your class. Hope that we can talk to you sometime soon.

  2. was it fun to see were they lived

    1. Hi Brayden. Yes it was so fun to learn about the people the that we talked to.

  3. Hi. I really enjoyed talking to new people and guessing where they are. I hope that I can talk to all of you guys again soon.

  4. can we do it again please miss T:) or :(

  5. What a great idea to have a mystery hangout in the evening and invite the parents! I've had to turn down opportunities to have hangouts with places far away because of time zones. I'll have to remember this idea for next year. Thanks! Great post too!


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