Monday, 4 May 2015


WOW... theONE6ers' have been BUSY draughts-people, architects, designers, and makers now our MYmathsmakerproject has taken off and is well underway.

An earlier post explained the idea and its purpose...I can happily say that all goals are truly being met at this point in time!

Here are some images of some of the thinking and planning, designing and making happening for my learners.

Here is Lily drawing up her architects plan.

Here is Mikayla's architects plan AND the beginning of her 'space'... with some of her 'wallpaper' on.

Another progress photo of Mikayla's SPACE now including a window.

Here is Kristina's 'space' kind of space...a 'Reading Room'. Check out the 'bookshelves' on both sides of the room! Along with an 'L-shaped' couch and comfy chairs!

Brayden and Dartanian worked together to 'make their space'...ensuring it was within the 'size limits'.

Some of the 'ONE6ers' busy planning, cutting, thinking, looking for paint...

Here is the initial ideas of Jasmine's 'space'... funky wallpaper and floor!

Here is Mya posing for our photo! Everyone was pretty busy this morning...a LOT of thinking and learning.

The latest photo of some of the 'ONE6ers' at the 'decorating' stage...mmm... what colours will i use?

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