Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Master Presenter


I have been involved in MANY visiting presenters over the years. From magicians, to story-tellers, to mime artists, musical bands etc. 

But today we had a very special person in our school. 

For the four classes who were involved in #NZreadaloud last term and read the book The Phantom of Terawhiti we were privileged to be able to spend an hour with New Zealand author Des Hunt today.

What an absolutely inspirational speaker!

 He had all 100 kids silent and listening and watching and laughing for an hour, as he told us his story of becoming an author.

With his science teaching background, Des shared a funny, informative, and interactive presentation in which he used his science understanding to help explain story-writing.

Science was his metaphor and the kids LOVED it!

He explained to our kids how when he was a child they weren't really exposed to Kiwi writers. So his mission when started writing was to infuse his passion for science and wildlife into a great is what he aimed to do in his novels...

For us at #NZreadaloud, these are the books which we LOVE. 

I would love you to reply and comment on what you all thought of Des Hunt's presentation and what you learnt from it:)

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  1. An awesome opportunity you organised for our learners Kerri. Was great to hear the conversation buzzing after his sessions!


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